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Scott J. Edwards, P.A. Wins Appeal: Homeowner’s Association Improperly Excluded Clients’ Personal Trainer From The Community’s Fitness Center

Is a personal trainer in a fitness center like a call girl sitting at a clubhouse bar? This was the trial court’s analogy, rejected by a unanimous panel of the Fourth District Court of Appeal on case brought by Scott J. Edwards, P.A. and co-counsel Sajdera Kim, PLLC. Our clients are homeowners in a residential […]

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Florida Supreme Court Strikes Fresh Blow Against Nitpicking Proposals For Settlement

In a recent opinion, the Florida Supreme Court held that proposals for settlement were not ambiguous despite failing to address separate claims brought against codefendants. With its holding, the majority opinion reiterated its policy of discouraging the “nitpicking” of proposals for settlement, and expressed the court’s continued frustration that proposals for settlement seem to create […]

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Personal Jurisdiction Arising From Internet Torts

In today’s connected society, many relationships and transactions cross state and national boundaries. Thus, the question of whether Florida courts have jurisdiction over an action can frequently be unclear, especially in instances where conduct occurs over the internet. This article examines the extent to which out-of-state torts committed via the internet can confer personal jurisdiction […]

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The Latest Proposal for Settlement Trap – District Split on Email Service

Update: In 2019, the Florida Supreme Court issued its opinion in Wheaton v. Wheaton, resolving the district split discussed in this article. The Florida Supreme Court held that a proposal for settlement is not invalid for failure to strictly comply with the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration governing service by email.  Proposals for settlement in […]

WHEREAS It Is Compulsory That Attorneys Shall Cease And Desist Forthwith From Using Said Legalese Found Herein

How To Improve Your Legal Writing By Eliminating Archaic Phrasing Many lawyers are guilty of using excessive legalese in their legal writing. Words and phrases that have long fallen out of fashion in everyday usage nonetheless remain common in the law. There are many reasons for this: some writers think legalese sounds more “lawyerly” or […]